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country caricatures
Country Caricatures

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Introduction to Woodcarving
(Basic Woodcarving)
This course is designed to introduce woodcarving to the beginner.  Each class period will feature a separate type of carving; relief carving, carving �in the round�, chip carving, letter carving, and even a whittling project.  There will be no requirements to purchase tools or supplies as they will be provided.


050-J9777    W    2/22-4/11   6p-9p
$140   Claremore

108-E0157   Th    2/2-3/1      1p-5p   
$122   Pryor

108-E0158   Th    2/2-3/15    6p-9p   
$126   Pryor


Carving Woodspirits
This class will focus on the carving of the very popular Woodspirits.  The spirits are in the wood, we�ll remove the wood that doesn�t happen to be an old man with lots of character.  Students will learn how to carve faces, long flowing hair, and beards that make Woodspirits so unique.


109-E0159   Th   3/8-4/19    1p-5p  
$152   Pryor

109-E0160   Th   3/29-5/17  6p-9p  
$152   Pryor 


"In the Round" Carving
This woodcarving class will focus on objects that are required to be carved on all sides and stand alone.  Students will learn how to cut their own three dimensional blanks as well as the challenges of carving a work of art equally pleasing from the front or the rear.


051-J9778   Tu   2/7-3/13   6p-9p  
$160   Claremore


Carving Crosses
Carved crosses are as beautiful and varied as the individuals who create them.  In this class, students will choose from a wide range of cross shapes which best fit their own creative approach. Here is a class which allows freedom of expression and design for a very special �one of a kind� wall hanging.


052-J9779   Tu   3/27-5/8   6p-9p  
$140   Claremore


Carving Free Forms
Here is a carving class that is definitely, �outside the box�.  Students will create a three dimensional free flowing design which will cause any observer to question, �how did they do that�?   No straight edges here.  Free forms are amazing and elegant.


053-J9780   M   3/5-4/30   6p-9p  
$160   Claremore


Relief Carving
Relief carvings are most often found on furniture, mantles, and architectural details.  Student will learn how to bring a design out of the wood and the tricks to make that design really stand out.  Relief carving is most associated with nature designs such as flowers and vines.


054-J9781   M   5/7-6/25   6p-9p  
$140   Claremore


For enrollment in Pryor: 
918-825-5555 X 2158
For enrollment in Claremore: 
918-342-8066  X  5104


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